Canvas Wave Games
New Demo - Generic Platform

By Sockwave

I've added a simple little platformer engine to my basic game engine to make a very simple little game. It's roughly Mario Bros level, but it has a little level editor attached. I'll try to use the engine to make a real game once I finish up some graphics things I'm working on.
New Demo - Too Many Balls

By Sockwave

I wrote a new demo to test out a better form of framerate control with my prototype game engine. Its based on ideas from here. Its not a game but its a good demo of how to manage a lot of graphical elements. Feel free to play with it and look at the source code.
Games posted

By sockwave

The first two games have been put in the sidebar. These are Neon Fighter and Mao levels 1-3. Neon Fighter is a simple space shooter arcade game and Mao is a half-finished puzzle game. You'll have to use the links in the sidebar until the games page is built. Enjoy.