Canvas Wave Games
Generic Platform Makeover

By Sockwave

The Generic Platform demo has been given a graphics makeover using the WASP tool. It's still the same terrible game, but now it's all shiny. These graphics (animation and all) took less than two hours in WASP, but the final look is pretty slick.

On an unrelated note, I completely forgot to mention that the page has moved to All old links will redirect you here.

WASP beta release

By Sockwave

All right, the beta version of my animation script, WASP, is finally ready. The script makes drawings and animations that can be used for games and cartoons. It was a lot of work but it looks like it's completely functional, if not totally user friendly. There is one major known bug which is that you cannot insert images on Safari or Opera, although animations with images play in all browsers. Enjoy the beta version and let me know if there are any bugs.